Friday, 27 December 2013

DataDrivenFramework Part 1

How does DDF work?

As described, DDF supports Excel files that are prepared from various editions of Office [2003, 2007, and 2010] which are in two different extensions [.xls and .xlsx] 

The Framework uses Apache POI (A Robust and Reliable library that is intended to work with Microsoft Office Files) 

Apache Commons CSV is used for supporting CSV files 
To Support Oracle Database, It uses Oracle DB driver jar file 
To Support MySQL Database, It uses MySQL Java Connector jar file 

/**********For Reading Excel*********/ 

Download Apache POI from 
After downloading Add the following five jars in the build Path 

From the POI "root folder" use the following 

1 >> poi-version.jar 
2 >> poi-ooxml-version.jar 
3 >> poi-ooxml-schemas-version.jar 

From the POI "ooxml-lib folder" use the following 

4 >> dom4j-version.jar 
5 >> xmlbeans-version.jar 

/**********For Reading CSV*********/
Download the latest CSV Jar from
After downloading Add the jar to your Build Path
1 >> commons-csv-version.jar

/**********For Working with MySQL*********/ 

Download MySQL Connector from 
Add the JAR file to your path 

/**********For Working with Oracle DB*********/ 

Use the Driver jar file located in the Oracle Installed Machine 
Typically located in... 
C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\10.2.0 (Version)\server\jdbc\lib\drivername.jar 
Example >> ojdbc14.jar (For Oracle 10G version)

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